Lens raster images can not be compared with conventional print advertising. They enchant the viewer with moving or 3-dimensional images that create a direct experience.

We produce the highest quality lenticular prints for shows, exhibitions or advertisin.

Discover a new dimension to your art with lenticular prints!

We offer artists the unique opportunity to transform their work into a high-quality and innovative form of fine art.

Innovation meets creativity: take your art to a whole new level by introducing it to the world of lenticular art. Our advanced printing technology makes it possible to transform your artwork into stunning, moving works of art.

Unique angles: Lenticular prints offer viewers different perspectives, opening up a whole new dimension. Your art comes to life and attracts attention with every glance.

Personalized advice: We understand that every customer is unique. That's why we offer personalized advice to ensure that your artwork or promotional print is perfectly matched to the lenticular technique.

  • Flip pictures, 3D-displays, morphing, move, zoom effects.   Large format lenticular effects run of in passing.
  • up to 120 x 180 cm without division is possible. Ask for bigger sizes, we have no limit for size. 
  • Now we have special lenses in 250 x 200 cm
  • Lentiprints® are a optical appeal.
  • Strong visual effects create new shopping experiences in the promo and POS market.
  • For exibitions to be different.
  • New art form in galleries.
  • can be used as a backlite

With the use of Lentiprint films, which are less than 1mm thick, an application on vehicles is possible! (flat areas)

Our Lentiprints® are designed for outdoor use. Weather resistant and lightfast.

Large format lenticular prints inspire many customers and burn into their memory. The size is almost unlimited for wobbly pictures. Even on the floor, large-sized wobbly effects can be placed. Recently, the latest fire protection certificates for certain lenticular materials are available.

The playable sizes are almost unlimited, it is worked with composite elements.

Citylight formats (119 x 175 cm) are widespread in the cityscape and are very well suited for changing picture effects or 3D displays. Single pieces that are directly related to the POS are also possible. With backlite, the exchange effect is even clearer. We produce particularly high-contrast displays with "real" black. Lentiprint displays are particularly suitable for high-traffic locations. An investment that pays off through much more eye contact and increased attention.

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of producing and applying the large-format Lentiprints.

This poster size is (18 / 1th) is 356 x 252 cm. Usually, this type of flip picture is composed of divisions of 6 or 3 individual areas.

All sizes for special advertising are possible.