Lenticularprint Flipeffect from artist Valentin Dommanget. This format is  200x 150 cm in one piece. You can see it at adidas-store in Japan. 

Room design with lenticularprinting. 

"This installation has created an innovative visual experience in the terminal environment"

Lenticular on PVC - milled out

Nice effect with lenticular for a new Lamp. Its a window Poster 120 x 80cm.

Advertising Flip-effect for automatic sunglasses

Lenticular-Galerie at Audi-Museum

Lenticular 18/1 Poster in Berlin-Metrostation. This Flip-picture is 356 x 252 and its made with 40 LPI, 6 parts.

greentech festival in berlin-Tegel. Exhibition setup for lenticularprinting wall. 

Lenticularprinting XXL. 2,5 m x 3,0 m. 

Traffic advertising with Lentiprint on Bus

Lenticular on Dibond 120 x 180 cm

Its a CLP Lenticular-Poster for lightframe

Lichtenberg station designed with Lentiprint