Large format lenticular prints inspire many customers and burn into their memory. The size is almost unlimited for flip pictures. Even on the floor, large-sized flip effects can be placed. Recently, the latest fire protection certificates for certain lenticular materials are available.

If you have a promotional message to submit, then you should think about a wall design with Lentiprint. With a Lentiprint they achieve that the visitor directs his attention to them and the advertising message in the crowd does not go down. Floor graphic lenticular pictures are very high eye-caching solution.

Often, backlit displays are also used as product descriptions that express more about the product with 3D or alternating image effects.

Talk to us about the technical possibilities or fire regulations


presentation of Dachstein Südwand in Planai in 7,20m x 2,5m. 

The template was a high-resolution panorama photography. By creating depth masks, the 3-dimensional data was generated. The lenticular lenses have a thickness of 6mm.